I'm Nick Williams. I have a lot of nicknames, but the brand is HEAVY CREAM. 

I'm originally from St. Louis, Missouri. I will rep that city until I'm gone. I grew up in a house that always had a pot on the stove and music coming from the speakers. Music, specifically hip-hop, is my first love. Food is a close, close second. 

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a degree in magazine journalism design  I decided the next move was New York City. I grew up devouring hip-hop cultural magazines like The Source, Vibe, XXL, but nothing inspired me more than COMPLEX MAGAZINE. IT WAS AND IS THE G.O.A.T. URBAN CULTURE MAGAZINE OF ALL TIME. With an internship lined up for the fall. I spent the summer after graduating in the kitchen with my dad at his pizzeria, Natty's, and expediting food at The Tavern Kitchen and Bar in St. Louis. That summer I knew I had a thing for the kitchen. I hustled my ass off and stacked as much paper as I could before moving to Brooklyn. 

I landed a design internship with Complex, and hit the ground running. It was all gravy the first month or two. However, internships don't pay the NYC bills. After one too many nights of lamb and rice plates I decided I should probably look for restaurant work to make ends meet.

My first kitchen job in New York was with Littleneck, a small New England clam shack with a whole lot of style. After a few hectic months, I became the kitchen manager. A few months after that, I was named the executive chef. I started from the bottom, for real. Shout out to Drake. The rest is history. I'm currently the chef at Littleneck (Gowanus, BK) and the sister cafe, Littleneck Outpost (Greenpoint, BK).


Food Network's Chopped "Brunch" episode 1/19/2016

Bravo's Recipe For Deception airing late Winter/early Spring 2016


And I'm still listening to more Drake and Kanye than you.